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mama as medicine woman

Essential oils can be used for physical, emotional and energetic support in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and mama life. (Seriously, like, ten times a day, everyday.) Feel empowered in your own health care and that of your family and reconnect to the wisdom ways of plant medicine with doTERRA essential oils. Schedule a personal consult and get yourself some oils, mama!

birth prep

For lack of a better term anyways. I’m not a huge fan of the concept of ‘birth prep” because, despite the fact that you may have never done it before, you know how to give birth. instead, I’ve created an online course called Birth Integration: Your North Star to a Calm & Confident Pregnancy & Birth. Learn more about this course here.

prenatal yoga workshops

Quarterly workshops offerings around Cape Ann and the greater Boston area will help you feel strong, steady and connected in your pregnancy, and ready for birth. These are all-levels workshops. Guided meditations, extended savasanna, and gentle hands-on assists and you’ll leave feeling extra good in your beautiful mama body.


birth matters. you matter.

With my whole heart I believe peace on Earth begins at birth. I believe every woman has the right to feel seen, heard, and supported in her birth journey. I am honored and delighted to support you during this right of passage.


free resources

there is nothing as powerful as an informed mama who listens to her intuition.


hey mama!

In this whole thing, you matter. We hear so often, all I want is a healthy Baby. But don’t you also want a healthy you? If I’ve learned anything as a mama, it’s that my baby is best when I’m doing well too. Your feelings, needs and desires matter. Before pregnancy, during birth, and as a new mama.


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choose connection

To yourself, to your baby, to your community, to nature.