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SweetMama Doula offers centered support for the natal year. We offer online resources, prenatal yoga workshops and retreats, essential oil education, community and connection. We support humane, evidence-based birth and believe that peace on Earth begins at birth. Welcome to our online home, and here's to the birth of your dreams, sweet mama!


Essential Oils 101



SweetMama is a proud doTERRA Wellness Advocate, a resource for you for the purest essential oils on the planet. Read more below on these potent yet gentle plant medicines. Private consultations are available. For now, please reach out under the contact page to book your personal consult. Learn more about doTERRA here



Essential oils have been around since almost forever. Connecting us to our Earth Mama, these volatile aromatic compounds are all at once a modern and ancient way to care for ourselves and our loved ones. (More history coming soon...)



Essential oils are found in not all but many plants. They are plants natural defense system and are found in their roots, leaves, bark, stems, and petals. One of my favorite things about essential oils is their ability to penetrate our cells. Some essential oils can even pass by the blood brain barrier and work therapeutically on our brain cells. More science to come. In the meantime, checkout the doTERRA science blog to read more geeky info about essential oils. You can also find them on Insty at @doterrascience. 



Essential oils can be applied in three ways:

1. Aromatically

2. Topically

3. Internally is a wonderful, place to learn about doTERRA's mission--their essential oils, their sourcing practices, their partnerships with growers and distillers worldwide, and their purity and potency testing.