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I think we can all agree that becoming a mother is the original game changer. Even before Baby comes out, it’s clear: you look at the world, and yourself, differently. And you’ll never see anything quite the same way again.

In our modern world, we have gadgets that (mostly) make our lives easier. We have the world’s largest encyclopedia at our finger tips. There are entire bookstore sections devoted to pregnancy, birth and motherhood prep. Chat groups and meetups and forums that could take a lifetime to read. And yet…

What does not exist is a fast-track shortcut or quick start guide for you to be connected to yourself as you become a mother.

That takes some time. Also, where is there—that place of being calm, confident and connected? How do you even get there? What feels best is different for every woman. So the journey from maiden to mama will be different for every women. And yet, there are some major themes and tools that can be used as anchors to guide your journey and inform your experience as you integrate who you were into who you are becoming.


You know

You know you want this whole birth and motherhood thing to go off without a hitch. You know other women who’ve had really positive pregnancy and birth experiences, where they felt like themselves, where they felt strong, seen, and validated.

Or maybe you don’t know anyone who’s had this kind of experience. But you know you want it. You know their experiences don’t predict your experience. You know you’ve seen new mothers who are tired, worn out, and don’t have the time as new mothers to start new self-care practices. Maybe you know new mothers who are rocking it. You know you’d at a least like to attempt to rock it, too. Whatever that means to you.

What you may not know is

Having a positive pregnancy, birth and motherhood experience does not depend on whether you’re a natural at being pregnant. That your actual birth matches your birth plan. That your baby sleeps all night. That breastfeeding comes to you both like breathing. That you have a textbook labor. That you give birth in a hospital. That you give birth in a birth center. That you give birth at home. That you give birth in the O.R. That your in-laws respect all your boundaries. That you design a Pinterest-worthy nursery and not stress one moment about how you’ll pay for it all. These things are nice, but it actually doesn’t depend on any of that.

It depends on you.

And not in the scary, unreasonable way like IT’S ALL ON YOU, WOMAN. But rather in the way that:

  • connection

  • self-awareness

  • feeling your feelings

  • making space

  • facing your fears

  • kindness to yourself

all make a HUGE difference—I would argue all the difference—in whether you feel empowered or not in your birth experience. A positive birth and postpartum experience don’t only happen by knowing the facts and stats on the phases of labor and how many wet diapers to watch for in a 24-hour period.

It comes from being able to give yourself space.

To trust yourself.

To listen to your inner voice.

 I get it.

You want to be present for the journey but you also kinda want to cruise through this whole motherhood thing like it ain’t no thing.

But here’s the thing. It is a thing.

Becoming a mother is a big thing. The biggest thing you’ll probably ever do. And it can feel scary. How to be conscious can feel ambiguous. You may even feel like you’re floating around in outer space all by yourself at times.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why


is here.

To be your North Star.

A guide for you to connect to your own wisdom.

And when you aren’t feeling so wise, to a steady, experienced voice (this moi) who can remind you how to trust yourself. How to go inside. How to let it all out. That you were born to give birth. You were made to be a mama. And not just a mama. This baby’s mama. In this body. In this moment.

How is MOTHER BIRTH is different from other birth prep courses?

Mother Birth: A Course in Conscious Pregnancy From Birth to Postpartum is an inside out integration experience that helps you tap into your greatest resource: yourself. It’s a road map to you. You’ll get clear on where you’re coming from and what you’re working with. You’ll get practical, portable, simple yet effective tools to explore and restore yourself throughout your motherhood journey. From conception to postpartum until forever. When you know how you respond to fear, when you’ve made space for whatever the heck may come up on this brave new adventure, and when you’ve stocked your store house with compassion, anything is possible. Including conceiving, growing and birthing a human baby, the most miraculous thing like ever.

“How you feel going into the thing is 90%

of your experience of it.”

— Brooke, mother of 2, occupational therapist, triathlete, conscious mama

How do you want to feel on your motherhood journey? MB supports you in completely holistic way. I use yoga asana to strengthen and stretch your physical body, meditation to quiet the mental chatter and help you connect to your intuition, and thoughtful inquiry to activate your mind and emotions around some of the lesser-spoken about issues facing expectant and new mothers, such as what would happen if my birth fears became a reality?

There is no other birth or motherhood prep course quite like it.

If you want to find your own personal “right,” and you think it’s something like feeling:

  • confident

  • connected

  • at ease

  • joyful

  • conscious

  • present

  • supported

  • seen

  • heard


Then MOTHER BIRTH is for you.


The Content

Welcome! Using the anchors of yoga asana, meditation, and thoughtful inquiry, you’ll be self-guided through the following Foundations:


Foundation 1: Making Space

Because in pregnancy, birth and motherhood, all the feelings come up. Making space for all of it is really important. Are there feelings, or thoughts, you have but are afraid to admit about this experience? When you feel sad, angry, jealous, anxious—any of the feelings we sometimes label “bad” or “negative”—what do you do with these feelings? These are the kinds of questions we explore in Making Space. We also look at practical ways to make space in daily life, setting up a sacred space, and mantras for reworking your thinking to give room for whatever truth comes up for you in this process.


  • Making Space

  • The Sexy Sidestep AKA Spiritual Bypassing

  • Pregnancy Physiology, The Hormones (What’s Going On In There?)

  • Should or Shouldn’t? What’s A Mama To Do!

Foundation 2: Radical Compassion

We’ll break down this lofty concept and apply it to real life. The kinds of questions we explore in this module are: How do you speak to and about yourself? What does it take for you to soften? What makes you shut down? We explore the impact of connecting to ourselves as children as we prepare for our own child’s arrival, and how we compare ourselves—or don’t—to those around us, when this is helpful and when it’s not. Like with all of the modules, there are practical, action steps of yoga practice and meditation to help you further explore this concept in your Body-Mind. We also explore the hormones of pregnancy and birth for those mamas who need some hard facts to feel empowered!


  • Compassion 101

  • ‘Be Nice’ No Mas

Foundation 3: Cultivating Courage

This module does a lot of the heavy lifting due to the lack of positive birth imagery and stories in our culture. Back in the day, by the time a woman gave birth, she had already seen her mother, her cousins, and her sisters in the community give birth and/or had experience offering labor support. She knew it took a minute to have a baby! How do you deal with fear? Can you fail at birth? are the kinds of questions we get into here. We also explore the phases of labor and I’ve incorporated a section of one of my favorite books for light module pre-work to serve as groundwork to support you in facing your fears around labor, birth and new motherhood.


  • Fear Facing 101

  • Phases of Labor, Insight Into The Birth Process

  • Know Thy Enemy, The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle


Bonuses & Resources


Bonus: Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum


Summer Reading List: Resources for Further Exploration galore!

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.54.37 AM.png

A Private Facebook Group of other brave and beautiful mamas who are taking responsibility for their birth and new motherhood experience.

I’m feeling a full-body YES.


What’s the investment?


$197 gets you lifetime access to the course, including all future upgrades and additions.

Everything is downloadable.

All of the narrated video modules, yoga practices, audio-file guided meditations, printable affirmation cards, inquiry question worksheets…

All of it is yours to keep FOR. EV. ER.

What you get:

  • Beautiful, narrated slide decks for each lesson

  • 2 hours of video lessons, about 12 minutes each. It fits into a full life.

  • 3 1-hour yoga practices

  • 3 guided meditations

  • Learn at your own pace, watching and/or listening

  • Printable PDFs of the slide decks, inquiry question worksheets, and checklists

  • Spotify playlists to accompany the yoga practices

  • This course compliments all other birth prep/childbirth education courses

  • Bonus on essential oils for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Resources lists

  • Private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and sharing of breakthroughs and challenges

  • The opportunity for expanding your community, ask Qs, & share challenges and breakthroughs with a cohort of like-minded mamas


About Me

Hi! I’m Kara Mears. I’m a mama, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse and Founder of SweetMama Doula. I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly fifteen years; I do my very best every day to walk my talk. I love walks in the woods, swimming in the Atlantic, fairisle sweaters, and early, quiet mornings. I’ve supported dozens of mothers in labor and postpartum. With a previous BA in photojournalism that I earned before my nursing and doula days, I am fascinated by the commonalities of journalism, birth work, and yoga. I find joy and fulfillment in the creative process of witnessing a story, watching the action unfold in real time, and calling upon my keenest observation skills. I believe with my whole heart that peace on Earth begins at birth. To this end, I am passionate about empowering women on their journey into motherhood and welcoming babies into this world. I hope you’ll join me on this birth integration journey and appreciate the time you’ve taken to explore if this is the right option for you.

I’ve taken a couple of Kara’s prenatal workshops and I can’t rave about her enough. With each workshop she led the class through a series of movements and poses which felt ah-mazing. By the end I felt renewed, relaxed and lighter, the tension in my muscles had melted away. More importantly, I felt as if I made space. Because of her experience as a doula and a nurse, I felt I could trust her to lead me in and out of poses that would be safe and gentle. I have incorporated some of the movements into my own daily stretching routine at home, and I’m hoping to attend another workshop with Kara soon. Overall Kara has a way of making you feel calm, centered and confident. She is clearly passionate about her work, and I would highly recommend her classes. I’m so excited for her Birth Integration course to become available!
— Christina, prenatal yoga student
Kara is such a nurturing and caring person and it shows in her teaching. Her workshop was the first time this pregnancy where I got to be just with my baby, moving and breathing with him in mind. The pace and flow of the class left me feeling refreshed and relaxed. I left feeling more connected to baby and Kara facilitated the whole thing. ❤
— Atlee, prenatal yoga student


I have no yoga experience, can I still take this course?

I totally understand how this could make you feel like you can’t take this course. After all, the yoga is a really important part. New things like yoga can be intimidating. Please don’t let this stop you! This course and all of the yoga sequences are designed for all levels, which means they are appropriate for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Did you know most women first come to yoga when they’re pregnant with their first baby? Pregnancy is a beautiful time to start this practice. Yoga is a tool that will serve you throughout your whole life. I suggest taking live classes—at least 1x per week—especially if you are new, to connect with a live teacher and your local community of mamas. This will enhance your understanding of the postures and support your practice of the videos inside this course.

Affirmations, mantras? It all sounds a little woo—woo to me. Does it really work?

This is where I could agree with you. Almost. Growing up, I was never exposed to the idea that you can shape your reality based on your thoughts. Yet in my adult life, I’ve seen countless times just how true this is. Affirmations are based on the laws of attraction, energetic vibration and the power of the mind—all of which have been proven time and again in research. This doesn’t mean we are in control of everything and that it all will work out exactly as we want as long as we think positively. And yet, we are always in control of two things: how we act, or react, and what we spend our time thinking about. If you practice focusing on negative thoughts, you’ll get negative outcomes. If you practice focusing on positive thoughts, you’ll get positive outcomes. Either way you’re right, so why not choose the positive? Choose your adventure and feed the good wolf. There’s enough yuck in the world. Be a force for good, starting of course for yourself and your family!

I don’t have time. This sounds like a lot of work. Can this course fit into my full life?

Preparing your mind, body and spirit for your birth experience and new motherhood is so important. I think the most important. This course is for women who are making their birth experience their highest priority. If that’s not you, it’s ok. This course probably isn’t for you. Taking one hour three times a week to move your body in a grounding, strengthening practice, spending 5-15 minutes a day in meditation to calm and focus your mind, and another small bit of time a day to reflect and journal on the topic at hand all require blocking time off and are such nourishing tools to make time for. This course is designed to work inside of a full life. That said, you are having a baby (or already have one!). Your life is going to change—and likely already has—so prioritizing what’s most important to you is essential. Making Space is one of the first modules for a reason! If it helps, I had one student working nights as a full-time nurse with a toddler at home and she found the time!

Birth matters.
— ina may gaskin, mother of modern midwifery, author, speaker, OG