Product Review: You! Lingerie Double You! Maternity + Nursing Tank


Dear Sweetmama sisters,

I’ve finally fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams: I’m a lingerie model.

Just kidding! I’ve been selected to be a blogger for the maternity and nursing line called You! Lingerie. Same thing, right?

Not exactly, but still pretty cool. You! Lingerie sends me a product (full disclosure: yes, free of charge) and, in exchange, I wear it and share my honest and accurate experience of the garment. The runway is in my living room, and I have only two guests, one to whom I am married and one who depends on me for nourishment to survive. I’m excited.

The first product I’m reviewing is the Double You! Maternity and Nursing Tank. I got the black and hot pink one, the “Ashe,” like in the picture above.

Packaging: The first thing I noticed and liked when I received the tank top is it was sent in a reusable shipping pouch. If for any reason I wanted to return the item, I wouldn’t have to buy a new bag for shipping. That’s always such a bother to me. I know, #firstworldproblems. But still, it’s one more thing I have to do if I want to return something. This sometimes keeps me from shopping online at new places where I’m not sure how their sizing runs.

Feel: The material is soft. The top has a nice weight to it.

Comfort + Fit: When I put the tank on, the straps felt uncomfortable. But then I remembered I’ve been wearing only sports bras for five months, so of course the straps felt like they were digging a bit. Any bra strap would. Within an hour I felt no digging. Just a soft and supportive top, not too tight anywhere but snug where it counts.

With breastfeeding, I feel like my breasts really need support now except for when I’m lying down. So when I’m up and about, even just around the house, I need to have something on. I feel better wearing this nursing tank than I feel not wearing it–and that’s saying a lot for a bra top of any kind if you ask me!

I was a 34D pre-pregnancy, and I figure this is about my size right after my baby has breastfed. When my breasts are full of milk though, I’m about a 34DD or DDD. I decided that being 5’10”, and just never a size “small” in anything, to purchase the top in a medium. I feel I made the right choice. It stretches like the description says it does and fits well both pre- and post-nursing.

Ease of Use: The clasp is easy to unlatch and relatch with one hand. This is key. Nary a free hand is found in motherhood; in fact, I think when a woman becomes pregnant, she should also start growing a third arm because, darn, it would certainly come in handy!

Dislikes: My main dislike is the top only comes in bold color combinations. I appreciate that the designers stick to their own aesthetic with their color offerings, but I would love if they offered just one (one!) neutral option, like a white on white or white and grey stripes with pale pink, not hot pink, bows so the top coils fly under the radar as a true undergarment if need be. I think the hot pink bows are loverly on the bras, but on the nursing tank tops they are a little too girly-girl for me.

Survey says?

I would recommend this to a friend. (That’s you, my sweetmama sister!)

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Baby On The Way!

40 weeks! #gothefull40

Hello Sweet Mamas,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything for you. I promise I have a good reason for being away. Well, I think it’s a good reason. I hope you do, too.

Are you ready?

I’m pregnant! Very pregnant in fact. 40 weeks today to be exact. Me and my husband are so excited and grateful to soon be welcoming this little one into our family!

So why haven’t I been posting?

As a doula and RN, I know a lot about pregnancy and birth. Of course, right? In these roles I am looked to as an informational resource for pregnant and birthing women. This is a big part of my job and I love love LOVE it. That said, with this being my first pregnancy, and with a natural tendency to want to “get it right”, I realized soon after we found out about Baby that it was going to be really important for me to be able to not know the answer. Basically, I wanted to take myself out of the doula role so I could fully step into, and enjoy, the expectant mama role.

I knew that temporarily removing this crown of knowledge would one, take some time and, two, be essential to my labor and birth process. The front brain where we make decisions and reason out all sorts of things in our day to day life is basically useless to us in labor and, in fact, can impede labor. Birth doesn’t happen from the thinking mind, she happens from the primal mind. Assimilated intellectual information is not helpful. Instinct is queen.

Every time I had an idea for a blog post — usually related to something going on in my own body/heart/mind related to my pregnancy — when I sat down to write about it, and kind of sum it up in some golden nugget of a resource as a blog post, it just didn’t feel right. So I’d stop writing, close my computer, and just let myself enjoy or process whatever it was that was coming up for me.

In short, it felt best to let it all stay my own experience.

I hope you can forgive me for my absence. When I do start writing blog posts again, I can say with all my heart that having carried and birthed my own child will have a huge and positive impact on my ability to better support you on your pregnancy and birth journeys. This is always my goal.

And because I’m guessing you are curious…

We did hire a doula.

We also hired two midwives.

And we are planning a homebirth.

I hope your Summer is off to a fantastic start. Freshly washed in the spirit of America with the celebration of our Independence Day just behind us now, I hope, too, that you are enjoying your freedom to birth your babies how you feel is best for you — wherever, however, whenever, and with whomever that may be!

Much love,






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Prenatal Retreat on June 13th

Hello, Mamas!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am co-hosting a PRENATAL RETREAT on Saturday, June 13th! Come and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating day of birth exploration and preparation in beautiful West Gloucester. Details on the flyer below.

Please email me at to enroll and/or with questions. We only have TEN spots so don’t delay in signing up!

Hope to see you there.



June Prenatal Retreat Flyer

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Go With Your Gut, Mama!

PHOTO: Justine Kurkland via MysticMamma

PHOTO: Justine Kurkland via Mystic Mamma


Guess what? I’m a Registered Nurse!

I left my exam thinking I failed. Like really truly failed. In my car, through teary eyes, I texted my best friend from school whom had already taken and passed the exam. She wrote back that she totally felt the exact same way when she walked out. She was sure I passed. This made my drive home a little more hopeful though still I was dubious. Time slugged along and finally Friday afternoon, and the posting of unofficial results, came. Bracing myself for the worst, I logged onto the NCLEX website…

I freaking passed.

I shrieked. I cried. Really, I wept. I hugged my husband. I kept weeping. And I stuttered through my tears how I really did it. I actually went to nursing school and became a nurse. I did it. I did it. I did it.

The feeling of accomplishment, a kind of astonishment at myself and what I had achieved, is not a feeling I will soon forget. I was a very heavily history, English and arts focused kid through high school and college. My first bachelor’s in photojournalism and magazine writing is from a school that requires students to only take one science class; I took “Weather.” To have worked my way through a very math and science oriented program was one heck of a feat for me.

I’m not sharing this to puff myself up or show off but to illustrate that if you have a dream and feel a calling to do something, even if it’s something very different than what you’ve ever done before, you can do it. You will find a way and, I believe, somehow be provided with the abilities and resources to achieve your dream.

How does this pertain to birth? Too many of the women I work with tell me they desire a natural, unmedicated birth but that their family and/or friends don’t think it’s possible. They, not the mother herself, doubt her ability to birth without intervention. And so, she often does birth with intervention and frequently not in the setting nor with the care provider of her choice.

This absolutely breaks my heart.

When I announced to my family and friends I was going to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife I did not hear resounding cheers of support and encouragement. Some thought it was ‘just some funny new thing Kara was going to try’. Midwife?! Why don’t you become a doctor? Others were happy for me to become a nurse-midwife because, hey, nurses are so well respected and you can always get a job as a nurse! I chose to become a midwife for much more spiritual and soul-rewarding reasons than a paycheck. (Read that story here.)

And still sadly, others, either to my face or behind my back spouted that it didn’t make any sense for me to be a doula or a midwife. I didn’t have any kids. I’d never been pregnant. How could I possibly be of any help to women in childbirth?

This particular response was perplexing to me since many of the care providers chosen by my family members when they were pregnant were men who would and will never carry or give birth to a baby. Forget me being a woman, having a period, or aspiring to become a mother someday (proof that I had some inclination for mothering, which essentially is what a doula does; we mother the mother). All besides the point, I suppose.

Long story short is that I had to walk away from this pointedly negative, nay-saying energy in order to make any headway on my new dream. I also had to sidestep the voices that were focused on my new career path as solely being a means to making money. Money, while a very practical and welcomed benefit, was and is not the point.

Back to how this relates to birth: The thing is, our loved ones can’t and won’t always understand the choices we make as women and mothers. Swaths of misinformation, sensationalizing, and fear mongering add an additional burden to those of us wanting to go against the grain of how our family members and friends have birthed. So many women, our mothers, sisters, and aunties included, were not truly supported in the births of their babies. They weren’t given choices, they weren’t empowered to trust their bodies, they weren’t listened to.

Their experience does not predict your experience.

Trust your gut and go for what you know is right for you for the birth of your baby. It’s so important to use and find your voice now. A MAJOR added but not often spoken of bonus is that finding your voice in your pregnancy and birth will give you the courage to be the kind of mother you want to be. We all know how hard it can be to fend off well-intentioned–but not appropriate for us–pregnancy and parenting advice. Don’t let the fear of others make you abandon your naturally spot-on instinct. If it isn’t a full body YES! then it’s a no.

You’ve got this, Mama.

BIG Love, and XOXO,


Sweetmama Doula Sweetmama Says: Go with your gut. Don’t bend to others’ fear when it comes to doing what you know is right for you and your baby.


P.S. If your dream happens to be a non-medicated birth, fortunately, science is on your side. Every day more and more evidence is piling up in favor of not intervening in the births of healthy babies to low-risk women.,,, and are your informative friends. The Birth by the Numbers website and their 2014 video update by Boston University’s own Gene Declercq, Ph.D, LCCE is a great resource for the distilled hard data. Henci Goer’s The Thinking Woman’s Guide to A Better Birth is an excellent book on evidence-based options. And Dr. Aviva Romm’s blog is another favorite of mine.


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Hey All, Sweetmama’s Teaching Again!

After a much needed yoga teaching break during the final push of my nursing program, I’m so pleased to announce I’m back at it! I feel rested, inspired, and thrilled to return to the mat in the teaching capacity. You can find me every other Saturday morning at North Shore Yoga Studio on Cabot Street in centrally located, beautiful downtown Beverly. With two class offerings, Mindful Vinyasa 8-9:15, and Yoga for the Natal Year 9:30-11, there is something for everyone, especially all you mamas out there!

North Shore Yoga Studio

Mindful Vinyasa is an all levels class with a soft focus on alignment and a sharp focus on fun, getting into the body, getting out of the head, and expanding overall health and well being.

Yoga for the Natal Year is for women in any phase of the natal year. Whether you are looking to conceive, newly pregnant, mere weeks away from giving birth, or freshly back from your postpartum rest, all are welcome. Feel free to read more here about the benefits of yoga for the natal year, as well as kind words from former students.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

om. xo.


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Pathway to a Healthy Birth

Just released, a new report by Childbirth Connection outlines just what’s going on with the hormones of late pregnancy and labor and how common interventions, like labor inductions and epidurals, can get in the way and most often cause some form of harm to the laboring mother and baby. Though we’ve known intuitively and scientifically for years and years (and years) that the natural process of labor is, for the vast majority of the population, the safest way to birth, the burden of proof is now finally shifting onto those who use these interventions frequently rather than sparingly.

Let’s use this information to calm our over-active (and worrying) minds, break free from the prickly grip of fear and lean into trust–trust in ourselves, trust in our bodies, and trust in the process of birth once and for all.

Here’s the press release and a summary of the new report, Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care.

And the amazing infographic! (Sweetmama loves infographics.) Click the image for the downloadable PDF.

Pathway to a Healthy Birth


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Step 1: Graduate From Nursing School



Yesterday afternoon, a long-awaited moment came: I was pinned as a graduate of the Simmons College School of Nursing! It’s been a long road. Two and half years of full-time, year-round study, 700 clinical hours, hours of reading, prepping for exams, and writing care plans. I have to say, I am so proud of myself. I had to take classes like organic chemistry and pass medication calculation exams. Every. Semester. These requirements scared me out of my wits! But I did it and it was all worth it.

I can’t write a post about graduating from nursing school without a shout-out to my husband and greatest supporter, Matthew Billey of Starleaf Boat Works and 2 Union Wood Craft. He has been by my side this entire time, making me healthy food during long study sessions, calming my fears that I would fail an upcoming exam despite weeks of studying, listening as I described tough clinical days at the hospital, packing me lunches, filling my thermos with hot tea and honey, changing the oil in my car so I could get to class and clinical, filling my washer fluid reservoir so I could see through my windshield, and in general, basically being totally amazing. I honestly could not have survived this program without him. More than anything, just knowing I had someone to come home to, to eat dinner with, to make me laugh, and to nudge my butt out of bed on those cold winter mornings when I had to get up so very early for clinical, was the best support I could ever have asked for. He earned this degree with me (and even married me in the midst of it all). Thank you, Bear. Thank you so much.

Next step, the last step of the “become a nurse” process, is to study and sit for the NCLEX exam, which is the national nursing board exam. I’m planning to do that in late January. When I pass, I will officially be an R.N. and one giant step closer to being a Certified Nurse-Midwife! But first, I’m taking some down time this week to enjoy the pause between and go cut down a Christmas tree from my Grampy’s woods. Nursing pin in hand, the snow is falling and I even talked Matt into joining me for my annual Love Actually screening last night. It’s an understatement to say I’m feeling grateful.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend and week as we turn inward and move towards the upcoming Solstice.

om. xo.

Kara, pre-licensure R.N.

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A little plug for my Love.

Sweet mamas, have I told you? My husband, Matthew Billey of Starleaf Boat Works and 2 Union Wood Craft, is one heck of a wood worker. Traditional wooden boats, hand-turned candle stick holders, wooden cradle boats, custom SUP paddles, reclaimed, raw-edge wooden coffee tables, built from scratch guitars, beautiful + functional chairs, he crafts it ALL, and by hand. If you live locally, please come visit us at the First Annual 2 Union Wood Craft Holiday Pop-Up Shop (hours above). For more info, please email me ( or Matt ( or give him a call to set up a gallery viewing appointment. World-wide shipping is available for most pieces.

Wooden Baby Cradle Boat

Start ’em in boats young, Matt says.

Hand-turned Candle Stick Holders

Statement maker, White Oak hand-turned candle stick holders from 2 Union Wood Craft’s “FIRE WOOD” line.


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Private Prenatal Yoga Now $50

prenatal yoga

Image from

In effort to keep prenatal yoga accessible to sweet mamas everywhere–well, those on the North Shore at least–I am now offering private prenatal yoga sessions (1 hour in length) for new and expectant mamas at a $25 off, discounted rate of $50 per session.

And(!) now, instead of just 5 friends, you can add up to 9 friends at this rate. That’s just $5 per mama! Even with 5 mamas, it’s just $10 a class.

If you haven’t found the right prenatal yoga teacher for you, the class times offered don’t fit into your schedule, or you are simply looking for more personalized instruction, private sessions could be a great option for you. Please email me at or give a call at 978-471-9122 to set up a time for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly classes.

om. xo.


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